2021 update:

Many of the things linked below no longer function.

This site hasn't received an update in over five years, and the death of Flash means this is now an archive of useless files.

Given I haven't had time to update the site itself, there's nothing I can really do to preserve the games I've made any more than I already have: by open sourcing the code and assets, as much use as source code for a dead technology is either way.

Thank you, whoever you are reading this, for having thought to revisit the cobweb-strewn rotting husk of some random personal site.

Memento mori, sic transit gloria mundi,

- Cirr

Welcome to the Gameplace of Cirrial.

This is a list of games that have been made for various competitions and whatnot.

If you're looking for a game that hasn't been abandoned was abandoned several years ago, might I recommend New Shark Game?

If you want to get in touch, say hello to my Twitter account.
If social media scares you, I have an email address too.

Shark Charity Event Games

Ludum Dare Entries

Other Dead Games

All games and contents thereof except where noted are © Cirrial, 2010-2021.
Where source code is made available, it is made available under the MIT License. All rights reserved.