Red Swarm



  • Arrows move.
  • + and - adjust the volume up and down. 0 mutes.
  • X creates an egg if you have enough nectar.
  • C toggles between creating workers or soldiers.
  • V signals for every nearby member of your swarm to come to you if they can.


  • Your primary goal is to take over this facility you find yourself in.
  • Your enemies are spawning in through teleporters. Destroy all teleporters to win.
  • Walk near patches of goopy red nectar that bubble up from the vents in this facility. Using this substance, you can automatically heal yourself and spawn eggs to assist you.
  • Eggs will hatch into workers or soldiers depending on what you had selected when the egg was spawned.
  • Workers will harvest nectar for you. Soldiers will attack everything they can find, including teleporters.
  • You can press V to bring your children towards you, but only those with line of sight will obey. Some may be too preoccupied with their own affairs.
  • Your children are disposable. You are not. If you die, the game is over.


This game was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 26, a rapid game development jam.

The theme for the competition was "Minimalism" and I couldn't think of anything for the theme and so totally disregarded it. My bad.

The submission entry page for this game is here.

All code for this game is available here, if you're into that. It's AS3, so it's likely awful.

This game was created using the Flixel library for Flex.