Dream of Depth



  • Moving the mouse to the top or bottom of the screen pans the camera.
  • Click and drag platforms to move them. There's a limit to how far they can go from the Heart.
  • Use the left column of buttons to indirectly order your units to do things.
  • Use the right column of buttons to make new platforms for your base.


Retake the ocean from the crystalline forces that have driven your people out. Use the last remaining biological technology of your people to create a base and raise an army to reclaim the sea, and destroy that which now lurks beneath the surface of the waters.

  • Collect rain from the clouds with the Shower Catcher to obtain resources.
  • Build new platforms with the rain you collect.
  • Units will fish to feed themselves, will go to heal themselves if hurt, and will attack anything hostile nearby.
  • Units that are too damaged to move can be rescued by other units.
  • Make more units by using Growth Pods and the Growth Call.


This game was created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29, a rapid game development jam.

After running out of the allowed 48 hours for the competition, I decided to keep going for the 72 hour jam. I still didn't quite finish, as you can see, but what I submitted was even more unfinished than this patched up attempt to improve things.

The theme for the competition was "Under the Surface" and I joined the legions of the many who chose to interpret this as underwater or underground.

The submission entry page for this game is here.

Of all the unfinished games featured on this site, which are many, this is probably the one I'm most likely to come back to.

All code for this game is available here, if you're into that. It's AS3, so it's likely awful.

This game was created using the Flixel library for Flex.