Aphelion Incident



  • Arrows move.
  • Z jumps.
  • X allows you to use terminals and doors.
  • C controls the nearest unshielded guard to you.
  • X while controlling a guard fires guns that didn't get drawn in time for the deadline.
  • M toggles the menu.
  • Left and right in the menu switches between known terminals and known guard minds.
  • Up and down in the menu scrolls through either terminals or guard personalities.


Subvert the guards through controlling their actions directly, and escape the station you find yourself in.


This game was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 21, a rapid game development jam.

The theme for the competition was "Escape".

The submission entry page for this game is here.

A postmortem detailing thoughts and reflections on the game after the fact can be found here.

This game has the unique honour of being the only game I've ever made that got featured on some sort of indie game blog.

All code for this game is available here, if you're into that. It's AS3, so it's likely awful.

This game was created using the Flixel library for Flex.