Dig Shark



(they're right there on the game title screen, but ok)
  • Arrow keys move!
  • X key bites things you're on top of.
  • R key restarts a level.
  • +, - and 0 do volume things.


You are Dig Shark, able to tunnel any direction, but not able to fly! Find your lost shark friends, and take them to the portal before burrowing ever deeper to the next level!


This game was created for Sea Wizards 2012, a speedrunning and art stream event for shark charity Shark Savers, which is now a part of WildAid. It's pretty limited and basic given it was created within a three day time frame. The existence of the sea pony enemy was based on a poor decision to allow donation incentives of random suggestions, which does not gel well with rapid development schedules at all. Apparently, someone donated to have My Little Pony music in the game somewhere, and I wasn't made aware of this until well after the event. They were reportedly furious that the music hadn't gone into the game. Well, what can you do.

All code for this game is available here, if you're into that. It's AS3, so it's likely awful.

This game was created using the Flixel library for Flex.