• Arrows and WASD moves.
  • Up key, W or Spacebar jumps.
  • Z key hits switches.
  • X throws your buddy!
  • X again stops them midflight, and X after they land returns them to you.
  • R returns you to the last checkpoint after a brief delay.


Get out of the facility!


This game was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 20, a rapid game development jam.

The theme for the competition was "It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!" and was the first of many absolutely terrible themes to come.

The submission entry page for this game is here.

A timelapse was made of this game's creation featuring godawful YouTube supplied music. My deepest apologies for both the music selection and the long periods of inactivity if you want to watch this video.

All code for this game is available here, if you're into that. It's AS3, so it's likely awful.

This game was created using the Flixel library for Flex.